Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Amoia's

I was so lucky to capture the Amoia's growing family. Megan (mom) and I worked together and she was very a very important part of brining me and my hubby together. We headed out to Tule Springs for a fun day in the sunshine.

Megan's parents were visiting from New york it was great to include them into a few of the pictures.

Three Generations of Girls- Look how Megan and her mom are standing the same way.

May they Louie and Felicia always be this close!
Felcia and Mommy
Felicia is so cute and photogenic such a change from where she was one and we gathered the family around every time he cries looked almost like a smile. Now check out the genuine smile!
Mommy and Louie, Megan is such an awesome mommy and the love for her children is palpable.
He loves mommy as much as she loves him.
Look at these two awesome boys.
We really wanted to focus on the newest addition to the family Louie!
He is so stinking cute full of so many cute faces!
Look at that drippy chin.
His tongue is fascinating!
But is it as cool as his toes?
Or a stick?
As you can see Louie fits right into the family!
Thank you Magin and family for letting me capture this moment of your growing family,a nd generations together!

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