Sunday, September 23, 2007

I've been Tagg'ed

My friend and wedding photgrapher tagged me for the 'eight levels of narcissism' where i'm supposed to share 8 things you may not know about me & then tag 8 other photographers. so here goes: click the above link to read a post about me on her blog- she's so awesome. Megan Resch

1. When I am stressed I bake, during the first couple months of my Masters program I was making 2-3 bunt cakes a week my co-workers loved me. My current favorite thing to make is currently donuts.'2. I learned to love the game of football through playing Madden NFL video games with my boyfriend now hubby. Thanks to understanding the game I now love football Sundays and have become quite the football fan.

3. I am obsessed with dead trees I am not sure why but it seems every time I go hiking a picture of a beautiful dead tree ends up on my camera.4. I am in love with reality TV some favorites Top Chef, Survivor, Top Model, Ty Murry's Celebrity Rodeo and more I know it is a mindless way to spend my time but sometimes mindless is a good thing!

5. I am a terrible driver (okay maybe this is not a surprise to many of you)

6. I am a country girl at heart my mom loves John Deere tractors and it must have rubbed off on me. I love to watch Rodeo and my favorite shoes are my boots.
7. In high school I was names the Home Ec student of the year (at the time I could not cook or clean, but I had amazing sewing skills)

8. I almost quit teaching early in my career, and a drunken bet kept me in the profession. the whole story: My first years I taught k-4 special ed pulling students out and hated it by the second year. At a party one night a friend dared me to try teaching high school, I took the bet and taught high school for two years and loved it. During the summer break of my second year in HS I received a letter offering me a free masters if I taught 3 years in Self- Contained. I accepted a position in Early childhood 3-5 year olds with a variety of disabilities and 6 years later I am still there happy to have found my niche in teaching and enjoying the profession I was called to do.

Passing it On
Well I am very new to blogs and fell into the non pro-photographers Megan mentioned thank you Megan for putting me in a class with such talented artists. Thank you to both of you for making me see things with a different eye and learning to use my camera as intended. Megan Thank you for guiding my hubby to buying a wonderful camera!
Candice Stringham
Megan Resch

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