Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be part of Grace's Quinceañera. This was the first Quinceañera I had ever attended so it was very interesting and full of traditions and symbols that were not familiar to me. Many of you are probably wondering what is a Quinceañera? A Quinceañera is a 15th birthday celebration for girls in the Latin community. Click here to learn more. The party and celebrations are very similar to a wedding. I will do my best with the help of the internet to explain these photos accurately. Warning you might learn something.

Grace deep in prayer at during the mass.
The god fathers during mass.

An important part of the ceremony was when Grace offered flowers to the the Virgin Mary.Grace and her God Parents. There were 2 traditional god parents and several others that support her into adulthood. They all gave her different gifts including a bible, necklace, ring, tiara and more.
Grace's court was made up of girls (Las damas) and boys14 in total and grace made 15. The Quinceañera’s partner for the night, is referred to as the "Chambelan".

Grace and her parents they were a bit embarrassed when I prompted them to do this picture but I love the result.

Grace looking at the ring she received from one set of god parents . Also in the picture is her tiara , bracelet, and necklace.

On the way to the reception I noticed the limo bus pull over at a store and jumped out to catch some of the antics. This pictures shows the big question of "Who has money?" Other moments involved a frosty and a dress oops.During the reception one of the biggest moments is the dance of the court. They did two choreographed numbers, this is their grand entrance.
After the big dance the boys settled into normal dancing male behavior.
The little girls did what little girls do best in fance dresses SPIN!!!

Did you know that "Thriller" is still cool. I was surprised when I heard the familiar music and even more shocked to see teens doing the entire dance from the video. The classics are still cool (see I told you you would learn something)

Of course another favorite moment was the cake MMMM Yummy!!!!

And what major family event is complete without adorable kiddos. I used lots of restraint here really I did!

Grace thank you for letting me be part of your special day and exposing me to this special tradition of your faith and heritage.


Kristen said...

Beautiful pictures, yet Kaydree and Karsyn will not be having these, but it was fun seeing all the fun Grace's family was having!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful girl... she will be so thrilled with the pics...thanks for sharing and explaining a bit about it.