Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi all it is October and breast cancer awareness month. As many of you know I am committed to this crusade and today I learned how we can all be part of a cure to Breast Cancer!

Watch this video
After watching this video go to this website

In the video all of the footage from event is the LA Avon walk that I participated in September see post below for details.

I encourage everyone to take care of their Breasts! Don't forget your monthly self breast exams, mammograms, and gut feelings!

My sister and I after the LA walk! Together we want to make sure that no little girl lives her life without knowing her grandma, mommy, aunt, friend etc.


Kristen said...

Thank for taking care of all of us by reminding us to take care of ourselves!

Lyn M. said...

Hey Lu! Thank you! .. I'm signed up! (I just had a friend call me and tell me that she has been diagnosed with cervical cancer - the good news out of it was it was caught EARLY with a pap smear! .. So don't just feel yourselves up this month .. schedule your pap smear while you are thinking about it!)