Sunday, October 19, 2008


I was so happy while shopping at Trader Joe's where I found this beautiful hydrangea. Hydrangea's are my favorite flower and the only place I have ever found perfect ones at is Trader Joe's . Ahh looking at these pretty flowers make me smile.

Speaking of what makes us smile. Coffee stuff makes my hubby smile. When I was putting everything away I decided to layout all of the coffee and tea making stuff. In the old kitchen it was scattered every where boy was I surprised to realize how much we really have. One would wonder how many different ways are there to make coffee and tea my response A LOT. After this picture was taken I found 2 other tools and my hubby bought another. He is on the constant quest for the perfect system

If you are wondering what you are looking at Press pots 2, Mocha pots2, press mugs 3, Milk frother, Immersion Pots 2, Tea Balls 2, Tea Pot, Travel Tea Mugs 2, Tea Baskets 3, travel espresso machine, missing Ibus, Espresso Machine. Perhaps I should save this photo for insurance.

One of the best parts of Football Sundays is taking cat naps between the games. Well I guess in my house I should say dog naps. Ethel was sleeping with her head on her pillow but woke up with a guilty smile when she heard the camera.

The last is not so much a smile picture but an outright belly laugh for my dear hubby. This is what happens to the side yard when I tried to park the truck. I was so scared it was stuck. I can't say I found it funny at the time frustrating yes funny no! But a few days later it makes me smile to at my fabulous driving skills.

What Makes you Smile?

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Kristen said...

Great pictures. Those hydrengias look fake they are so perfect. You should plant some in your yard. Our neighbors have some and they are pretty but not purple...just white. Hey, if you ever get down to the strip I would love to see some pictures of the Bellagio plant place? Flower garden, etc.. What kind of expensive camera do you have? You have beautiful pics..