Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Family Craft Night

Chrissy and I decided to have a Christmas Craft night as an excuse fore craftiness and time to spend with family and friends.
*Warning this is a long but fun post!

Sydney making a necklace with foam hearts and beads. Watch for the hearts you will see them latter.
K helping her son R make his necklace.
R making a snowflake ornament. Look at his expression!
A and her advent calendar
Syd working on her advent calendar. *PROUD AUNT ALERT* Look at that awesome coloring for a 3.5 year old! She is also demonstrating great 1:1 skills with the glue.
Waiting to make ornaments
The Chrissy's AKA Mom's need time to craft to.
K took the camera she thought A was shy until she asked her to pose for a picture. This is just one of her cheese ball poses!
The kids had a great time taking a break playing outside.
And using the craft supplies to cook with, notice the foam hearts on the grill. R showed great imagination and 1:1 skills putting the hearts in the squares of the grills with a spatula. He also wondered out loud why the girls were still talking he was done cooking. Poor guy learning the realities of life so young!
The trio of artists M was there also but she had to go home since she was not feeling well.
Chrissy taking care of Av A's little sister. Chrissy took these awesome close up's after she passed Av back to momma.

Sydney was so excited to hold Av and patiently waited until the end of the night. She was a bit timid at first.
Then she was in love!
Av was getting fussy and I told Syd she needed to hold her head. She took the job VERY seriously, notice the grip! Av's head was going NOWHERE!
Thank you to everyone that joined us and we were sad about those that could not but understand life happens. We look forward to doing it again and playing with more families, and friends! I challenge everyone to get together and have fun together.

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Holly Ann said...

Love it! You're such a teacher. ;)