Monday, November 22, 2010

Las Vegas Locos and Sydney time

On November 6 we headed to the last home game of the Las Vegas Locos (local UFL team) season. Locos web page

Earlier in the day I kidnapped Sydney and we ran errands and had fun with a little girl time and shopping she spent some of her money she made at the bake sale earlier in the day during mommies yard sale. Then we took Uncle Max out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Sydney had fun meeting our friends and loved being spoiled with a balloon. Uncle Max also had fun tickling his little niece. They are so cute together!
Sydney must of had to much fun between the yard sale and play with Aunt LuLu and Uncle Max. She fell asleep at the game. While she was sleeping it started to rain and we had to seek shelter in the concourse.
After the rain Sydney woke up and was excited to get cotton candy.
As you can see she had a great time eating her cotton candy. It seemed that everyone that could see her delighted in watching her ENJOY her treat!

In the 4th quarter it started to rain and we discovered that Sydney could use the cotton candy bag as a poncho.

After the game Chrissy took Sydney to get autographs from all of the Locos. They were about 1/2 way around the stadium when we realized that Dante Culpepper (former Viking) was signing autographs. They ran back over to us and I took Sydney over to try she held out her little Jersey and yelled out "Dante Please!" like a little champ and he quickly signed her jersey before heading to the bus.

He was such a gentleman and friendly to the fans. The whole family was excited for our little fan. It capped off a great night!

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