Thursday, September 18, 2008

Avon Walk 2008

This past weekend I joined almost 2,000 other women and men for a little stroll through Long Beach, CA (okay so maybe 40 miles is not a little stroll!) It was a fun way to raise money almost $2,000 and awareness of Breast Cancer. I hope you enjoy my travels through pictures. This week I will be posting a blog a day of other walk highlights.

After registration we met up as a team for a picnic dinner. One of the highlights were the kids Sydney Chrissy's daughter and Evan Maureen's son were the hit of the party. They also got along famously. Sydney cried for almost 5 minutes after we put her in her stroller taking her away from Evan more about his hair later in the week.)
This year my reason for walking became more personal. Maureen my Aunts neighbor came to cheer me on last year and less then a month later her daughter Judy was diagnosed with breast cancer. Judy was going to walk with us but she did not feel strong enough. Maureen did walk and did amazing (there will be a whole post about her later in the week.)
Here we are leaving the Queen Mary and crossing over the bridge into Long Beach 2 notes for this picture.
1. Notice the mans head that is Flat Mike you will see more of him in these pictures. Mike is an all city walker and he started our team Peggy's Spirit (Peggy was mikes mom she lost her battle to breast cancer.) Mike was walking in the 3-day walk in Seattle this weekend so he was walking with us in spirit.
2. Look at Diane yes she is walking with a laptop! No she is not planning on bloggin along the way although it does make for a good story, instead she was planning on leaving it in Jim's car and we did not meet up with him until mile 1.5.
Here are some of my favorite sign, another favorite
Men are like Bra's
But with Better Support

The good guitar student I am I did not miss a practice even while walking!
These plants were so pretty!
Okay not the best picture but I love my sisters face as she is caught eating a high energy walk food NERDS candy! There is candy all along the way to keep our energy up.

Diane and I walked most of the first day together here she is stopping to smell the roses in our annual picture. She is looking gook for 15+miles.

Diane , flat Mike and I enjoying a quick break the Boot Scootin rest stop 17. I love the sign behind my head "Give the boot to Breast Cancer"Strutting to the finish of day 1 yes we are really dancing after walking 26.1 miles!
Yeah the end!!! I was so happy to be greeted by my wonderful sister who had walked 15 miles and came in early. She set up out tent and had everything ready for me. the best part was when she handed me my shower bag telling me "If you crawl in this tent you will never get back out!" Words of wisdom when I came back from my shower she was taking a little nap.
I was so happy to sit in the comfortable massage chair complete with foot massager's AAAAAAHHH! Look at my face can you tell I was in a little pain. After my yummy spaghetti dinner I spent time in the med tent getting blister care and the chiropractic tent checking out my sore knee and very tight thighs OUCH. I figured if I kept my therapist laughing I would not notice the pain. It was worth a try when she told me "this might hurt a little." I replied "So what your really saying is this is not the massage tent honey!" Well that theory did not totally work out as she put her thumbs through my tender muscles (I was able to walk out, way better since I shuffled in!) but it did make me a mini celebrity the next morning I was falling out of my tent and giggled at my self and in the tent across from me I hear "Feeling better? You were so happy at chiropractics!"
Our Team Peggy's Spirit getting ready to start day 2 only 13.2 miles to the finish!
Top Row: Jean, Diane, Maureen, Julie, Patrica, Maureen Bottom Row: Me, Diane, Chrissy (my sister)
The power of prayer is strong on Sunday! We pass by many churches one even open up it pottys with running water to us (remember not only do we walk 40 miles in two days and raise $1,800+ we commit to two days of porta potties!) During this stretch there were members of two or three churches giving us high fives, water, and of course more candy!

This was the moment of the walk my sister looked most forward two giving Sydney(her daughter) a big kiss and hearing her cheer "yeah yeah" 2 years ago when Chrissy walked she was pregnant with Sydney.
During the last mile of day2 walking over the bridge and still smiling!Peggy's Spirit crossing the finish line toghether!

Our fans along the way 1. Tom Chrissy's husband surprised her on day 2, he helped take care of her hurt foot.

2. Jim Jean's wonderful husband he was there cheering us one every mile . Here he is handing our a walker favorite Red Vines MMMMM

3. Sydney, My mom, and Auntie Pattie

4. Evan while crewing her managed to be every where even giving foot massages.
Closing ceremonies are always full of emotion Jean is giving Maureen a big goodbye hug (would you believe they are both 65)
The emotions of closing ceremonies Chrissy, Diane, and Maureen
Raise your hand if you have been touched by breast cancer. This is always the most emotional
part of opening and closing ceremonies for me.

The bottom picture is just some of my fellow walkers.
Chrissy and I signing the tower with why we walk! It was such a pleasure walking with my sister together in memory of our grandma Mama Lu. How often do you get to spend two whole days with your sister walking and chatting!
When I returned home I drove up to find this on my garage. Have I mentioned lately how wonderful my husband is! I wonder how many of the neighbors thought I was suffering from breast cancer. Hopefully with with $5 million+ dollars raised in LA a cure will be found before anyone else wears this ribbon as a survivor.
Remember every 3 minutes a person is diagnosed with breast cancer. Early detection is your best chance of survival so please don't forget to do your monthly self exam and get a mammogram.

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