Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Hero

While there were many heroes and heroins who became street walkers the second weekend of September I want to introduce you to my walk hero Maureen.
Maureen has known me since my birthday (the first one!) She has been my aunts neighbor for 30+years. She is a wonderful mom to two women and a grandma to 3 beautiful grandkids. Last year she joined my Aunt and came down to cheer me on in my 3rd Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

My cheering squad from 07 Maureen is wearing black
little did she know less then 1 month later he daughter Judy was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer of the breast. Maureen held not only the hand of her daughter through surgeries and treatments but also the hands and hearts of Judy's 3 year old twins. By December she decided to walk in her first Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

Judy Maureen and I at Opening Ceremonies (Judywas going to walk but decided she was not feeling strong enough yet.)
In August we trained together while I was visiting California we had a great time chatting and I answered her many questions about the walk.

Mile 10 of Day two

In September we walked together and I was amazed at how strong Maureen in! She had set the goal of walking a marathon over two days. Our team walked along together until lunch about mile 9 at that time we started going our own paces and she told us to go one she would get there at her own slow pace two times in the next 4 miles after stopping at rest stops we came up to her ahead of us. I hope at her beautiful age I am passing the 30 somethings. Maureen had the most beautiful smile on her face as she finished her first half marathon 13.1 miles AMAZING

At the end of her first 1/2 Marathon AMAZING!!!!

The next morning we set out to walk a half marathon together. All along the walk she kept saying how surprised her family would be that she did this. It was a blessing to walk those 13 miles together watching her confidence grow as her feet grew tired. She shared not only miles with me but her worries of what may have caused her daughters cancer, but her wisdom, confidence and grace.

Saying goodbye to her daughter Judy at Opening Ceremonies

I pray at 65 I have her strength to get up and fight for my sister, niece, friends, etc. every why I can as she has. I also pray that at 65 I have to explain to people what my pink ribbon stuff means because not only breast cancer but all cancer will be out of our worlds reality and logged into the pages of history. Until then I will walk with every day heroes like Maureen one step at a time!

Walking along with Chrissy on Day 1 along the beach
Wow 10 miles on day 2 makes 23 miles so far for the weekend!

Walking over the bridge to the Queen Mary Over 25 miles walked!Proud to have finished walking her first marathon posing with Chrissy

Full of emotions at closing ceremonies

Judy proud of her amazing mom Maureen


cz scrap said...

Lu-just read the whole blog about your walk-what an incredible time. I love your photos and your commentary and yes, I teared up a few times. Wonderful, empowering stories. Great blog(and a great woman I must say!).

Kristen said...

I love all of these posts. I am sitting here thinking, man I really want to do that. They had a three day walk here in Minneapolis. Do you know if they do it here every year?