Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fellow Walkers

Over the year I have met some wonderful people along the walk. Over the past 4 years I have walked along these great people and thought I would share a few stories. Click on their names to go to personal pages for more information about each walker.

Barbara Jo Kirshbaum
Barbra Jo is a breast cancer survivor who is determined to fight breast cancer. This year she will hit an amazing milestone 100 walks and raising over $1,000,000. Next time you wonder what can one person do think of Barbra Jo's story of survival. Barbra Jo's husband the wonderful Dr. Bob hangs signs along the route motivating walkers with humor and seriousness. Together this family is making an amazing difference.

Martha McMahon
Martha is by far one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She started out as a walker and the year she turned 50 she turned into a super walker and walking in her first all city walk year.

Judy Cherry
Judy is my favorite Avon Walk Photographer and a Breast Cancer survivor. Last year when I decided to walk with my big honking camera I noticed Judy walks with hers also. This year we have fun shooting each other. She is another all city walker, her wonderful jewlery and wares are on of the best parts of check in night.

Tia Bruno
Tia is a breast cancer survivor. She was the key note speaker and walker my first year. I was and I am still struck by how young she is. She had to fight to have her lump taken seriously since her first doctor told her she was to young and healthy to have breast cancer. Her signature while walking is her well place pink ribbons. By the way check out her amazing LONG hair, she told me she had not even trimmed it in 5 years.

Evan Lynch
Evan is a crew member from my team Peggy's Spirit his mom is a walker. He is such a strong supporter he even wears his hair in support. He was such a celebrity on the walk that when one of us was taking a picture of all of his fans a crew member came up and said "I can arrange to have a picture taken with him if you would like." We all had a great laugh about that one. By the way that team member is Diane who is getting her feet rubbed in a previous entry. Even was on the ice crew and seemed to be everywhere we were. He gave everyone amazing energy!

Okay so everyone has there own nickname for the Amazing April. Every year she is out there in her black SUV cheering on the walkers if great music and her dancing energy. Last year she even walked!

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