Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mile by Mile

Thank you for humoring my many pictures over the past days.

Thank you also for all of your love and support together we will find a cure and put cancer into the history books.
1 along the beach
2 along the docks
3 more beach walking
4 turning off of the board walk and along to the beautiful beach homes

6 More beaches
8 Along the sailing and kayaking waters
9 into the neighborhood and to lunch
10 Full tummy and off to more marinas
11 Seal Beach
13 Along the shops and neighborhoods of Seal Beach
1/2 Marathon complete YEAH MAUREEN
14-17 Through the neighborhoods and a few surprise hills we also saw Santa along this part.
More Neighborhoods beautiful houses cheering neighborhoods
We were told at 21 that we were behind schedule mistakenly and told to keep moving or get swept. I did not take many pictures since those would slow me down, I also did not take time to stretch BAD IDEA!

This is getting hard wearing the glasses to hide the zoned out eyes man did my legs hurt

Not my most graceful finish but 26 miles down bring on day 2 after a hot shower, sleep and dinner!Day 2
0 Dome sweet Dome
1 Walking along with Maureen and Chrissy in the neighborhoods
3 miles down starting into the church zone and lots of prayerful cheering
4 Maureen at Mile 4
Mile 7 The shops I hit a Body Shop for foot gel which I put to good use at lunch
5-6 Along the Rowing stadium and more ocean front neighborhoods
10 Whoo Hoo Look how far we have gone back to the pretty beach
Our Team Down Town Long Beach
Chrissy at the finish

We did it !

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Kristen said...

Love all the pics. They are so inspirational.