Saturday, November 1, 2008

2nd Anniversary

Max and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary Monday. I can't believe it has been 2 years already time flies when your having fun.
This has been a year of growth and learning.
Learning how to communicate more effectively (wow this is a challenging one and I am sure it will be on my list for years to come.)
Enjoying time together, this year we started kayaking. It has been a joy paddling together not only are we exercising together we are making time to talk without distractions, and spend time without computers, cell phones, TV's etc.
We learned how to survive the challenges of a remodel, an amazing exercise in compromise, patience and adaptation.

This are just a few things we have learned this year. We look forward to learning and growing together for many decades to come.

We both had fun getting creative with gifts this year and our cotton anniversary
I had fun going through some of my favorite pictures of guitars from our tour of Taylor Guitars one of the places we visited on our honeymoon( bonus meaninghe started teaching me to play guitar this year) I printed the picture on raw cotton tore the edges and placed it in a floating frame. Max was so excited this special art piece will be beautiful in our music room.

On our anniversary I came outside to find this cotton bag sitting on the table. I was warned to open it carefully.

I pulled it out to find this awsome gift/card. I know it challenges Max to make my cards rather then purchase them but I am so lucky that he understands how much I love his works of art. Look at the cute little punch art fishies swimming upstream. Inside was an adorable poem about the fishies and his love. Here is a closer look as you can see my little paddler has a beautiful spare silver necklace paddle. As I mentioned above paddling this year has been a wonderful thing to do and spend time together.
The last two years have been an amazing glimpse of the long future ahead of us I can't wait to see what the future brings but I must remind my self to slow down and treasure the journey down the road together!.


Kristen said...

Happy Anniversary... that is sooo cute the little kayak. Wow..time flies.

The Bames said...

That is awesome that he makes your cards. Your gifts to each other were so cute and from the heart. Happy Anniversary!!