Saturday, November 29, 2008


Well I did not sleep Thursday night at all once I was ready to go to bed I realized I only had an hour and a half so decided to stay up DH stayed up with me and we played Wii! Well I ended up running late and missed the first store of the group. I met the girls CCM, Splashy, and Auntie Pattie. We had a fun time getting all sorts of stuff for ourselves and others I always end up with a few new closing items. I was not searching for any big items just a little fun with the girls. At 11:15 we met up with some friends and fellow shoppers for our annual lunch at Olive garden I headed home and fell asleep at 1:30 my hubby finally woke me up at 8:15 announcing he needed to leave the house I got dressed really fast and we headed to Best Buy and dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. We came home while I was practicing guitar he drew me a hot bath figuring I had to be sore and tired from 2 day of cooking (man my hubby rocks!) After my bath we had another late night Wii moment and a great nights sleep.

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