Sunday, November 2, 2008


A few weeks ago my wonderful hubby and I decided to try and see a David Wilcox concert during our week together (I love that this is becoming an anniversary tradition!) So we checked the upcoming shows and travelocity and found that he was playing in Austin, TX and the prices were right. When I went to buy the show tickets I found that Shawn Mullins and Dar Williams were playing the next night. SCORE 2 want to see shows one trip!
The first night we set out to find live music and good bar-b-que. The first place we tried to go to Stubs was closed then we head to
Here we found great BBQ with an awesome coffee sugar rub and the best mac and cheese ever, I almost ordered a second bowl for desert. During desert we had a great time watching people dance to live latin music (I forgot the type I know it was not salsa, but it was a very sexy dancing with the stars type of dancing.) After dinner we headed to 6th street and wandered down the street and listened to live music Rocak a billy at one bar and then headed to Friends for some deep blues music. It was amazing to have so many live music options on a Tuesday night. There were several other bars that we did not get to visit or listen. There were also skilled street musicians all over it was so cool!

Of course one of my favorite moments was the concert one of his current songs is called Captian Wanker click here to listen. Max and I were listening to the song before the trip and thought how great it would be to have Captian Wanker Shirts. So I made David and I shirts. We both had a great laugh!
We also saw Shawn Mullins AMAZING I love his deep voice. We also saw Dar Williams I was not as familiar with her music but enjoyed her show, the best part was her percussion player AMAZING that girl could play an amazing drum!

Every where I go I love to see all of the beautiful architecture. Austin did not disappoint me I loved the mix of old and modern buildings.

One of the things to do things in Austin is see the largest colony of urban bats. It was a little late in peak bat watching season but we were able to see small numbers flying from the balcony at our hotel. Although by the 3rd night I began to wonder if they were really birds? I don't know but in my tourist brain I am going to remember the bats!
In the south Congress district I found possible heaven
Yep thats right an air stream cupcake shop. The red velvet cake was very good the cake was awesome but Cupcakery still wins in the world best frosting in my book.

Along South Congress we wondered through some eclectic shops and a few antique shops and a very cool candy shop with some unique stuff on display. Here are a few of my favorite visual things.
I am not sure why but this pretty blue ribbon folded all pretty caught my eye

A self playing guitar
All about Music on 6th street had a great music gallery in the basement we could have bought many pieces with unlimited money and space! We did get some really cool prints for Max's classroom.
At 6th and Congress we happened about a little coffee shop (the only place we could find parking downtown) I called it good Karma when we realized that it was a really good coffee shop. Those of you that have chatted with hubby about coffee know he is very serious and picky about his coffee and this place passed his test so well we went there 4 times in 3 days. Let me just say they made an amazing cappuccino.

We had an amazing time during this spontaneous trip if you ever get a chance Austin is a great place to listen to great music fun outdoors and good coffee. I will leave you with the parting shot of my hubby in his natural habitat in a coffee shop near the espresso machine.


Kristen said...

Wow...looks like a great trip and a great place to visit. I love the self playing guitar. Must be fun being married to a music lover!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome time! Glad you were able to get some more couple time in! Thanks for the update.