Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Hood's

Today I was lucky enough to do a family shoot with my sisters family I hope enjoy these images of our afternoon together! It was much harder this year now that Sydney is mobile and has an agenda of her own!

The beautiful Family
A little family fun

CheeseAh the joys of a family picture with a 18 month old!

Walking together
So cute I love Sydney's big high step as she escapes mom and dad!
Wow my daddy is so strong!

Mommy and Ms. Sydney look at our matching smiles!
The beautiful Ms. Sydney
My brother in-law is quite the cutie

Sydney has very hot parents
The love that started this happy family
I am done being cute!


Kristen said...

I love that last picture...that is sooooo true, when they are done they are done. I love the upside down one too. Awesome pictures Lulu...do you remember Kaydree calling you LULU?

Chrissy said...

Thank You for taking such great pictures of us. It was fun and you manged to do magic in the short time we had.