Thursday, August 13, 2009

Greg and Darlene Getting Ready

Our friend Greg (the best man from our wedding) got married last weekend. I was lucky enough to follow both Greg and Darlene around as they prepared for the wedding. I knew many of my favorite photos from my wedding were behind the scenes stuff and I was so happy to be able to capture a few of those moments of the new couple. In the process I was able to learn my way around Dayton Ohio as I ran all over town shuffling people and trying to capture the next moment. In the next post I will post a few favorites from the reception. I videotaped the ceremony so I do not have pictures from that part.

To some a to short tux is trauma to the cool Greg it was just funny (he knew they would fix it by morning)
Darlene and Dad practicing
The best man Max and Greg (Is Max sharing wonderful advice or offering an exit strategy?)
Love this shot of the bridesmaids the stress in Elaine is evident without seeing her face.
Rehearsal Dinner
Holding hands at the Rehearsal dinner (look how plain the fingers look)
Lauren reading her card to her daddy Scott
Darlene's Mom socked at her gift and her dad goofing aroundWedding Day- Hair
So pretty
Death by hairspray
Make Up
Max helping the photographer shoot the rings we were playing around (see last shot) and then he let the photographer know he had the rings if they wanted a detail shot.
Mommy putting makeup on her girls
Getting dressed a team sport ?
Precious Aly one of the flower girls
One of the flower girls dashing down the hall to the "hide out room"
The Rings(Max had them so I took advantage)

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