Sunday, August 16, 2009

River Dog

A Post by Lucy the Wonder Beagle

Yesterday my humans loaded up their boats and put on their paddle clothes. I gave them my pitiful look and went to lay on the couch alone for the day.

Suddenly I heard a sound wait why does my walking buddy have the leash?

Oooooh oooh oooh I am going on a truck ride.

Then they took me to this big store (the boat store) and put this thing on me I looked like a lady bug we bought it and they told me I had my own PFD (puppy flotation device) I don't know what that means but I hopped back into the truck.

We went on a really long trick ride I was tired beagle surfing that far (riding on the arm rest.) We went over this big dam but they did not let me pee on it.

Finally I got out of the truck but I was to excited to pee there was this big water thing I went to check it out but first they put my lady bug vest on me. WHOA THAT IS COLD ARE YOU PEOPLE CRAZY???? With lots of coaxing they got me in the cold water and I did feel a little cooler, it was weird I floated.

Lu tried to get me into this big yellow and orange thing, with a little help I got in.

Next thing I knew we were moving! Look Now I am really a beagle surfer!

Every time I got splashed I tried to back into Lu she was muttering something about needing to paddle between the laughter while Max kept asking if I was okay "I was great the wind in my ears and so many new things to sniff!"

We paddled up a little way and they let me out to check things out. So many things to sniff I tried to climb a rock wall but Max saw a tail and freaked out something about a snake (it was a really a big lizard that they would not let me chase) I had so much fun in this spot I even wondered out for a swim.
After a bit they tried to get me back into the boat I stood firm on land but Max picked me up by my handle (hey who puts a handle on a dog?) We paddled into the fast windy area with waves that were splashing me it was so much fun I jumped out for a swim. Lu was laughing really hard and Max paddled really fast saying something about rescuing me. Then Lu picked me up by my handle and I climbed back into the boat, I was cold but it was fun.
On the drive home I was still really excited but kept falling asleep. When we finally got home I snuck into the bedroom and made myself a nest out of the comforter. I was too tired to jump onto the bed. Max found me sleeping in my hiding spot.

It was a great day to be a beagle stay tuned for more beagle adventures!


Anonymous said...

Ohh Lucy! You silly, silly beagle!!! Glad you had a great day! I wish KD could have come along, too!

Chrissy said...

Sounds like you had a blast Miss Lucy!