Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sydney Sitting

Friday night I babysat Sydney I had heard that she has been in a helping phase. Aunt Lulu decided we were going to make dinner together. We had a great time cooking and talking. It is so amazing having conversations with her and interact with her 1 on 1.

First we made baby red potato chips. "Lu Lu cut, it dangerous" Sydney put the olive oil on the potatoes and helped sprinkle salt and pepper on them. She also spread all of chips on the tray. She tried to taste them before cooking and was not to sure. It was to cute at the beginning she tried to work with one finger but when I shower her how to dig in she got in there with both hands.
She took her job very seriously. She loved the chips with her chicken tenders. We put them on special bowls that had dip spots in the middle. I was shocked to see a little girl eat so much. As she ate the chips she kept telling me "I made chips, mmmm yummy."
While dinner was cooking it was time to make dessert. Sydney was very excited to make pretty brown paint, AKA brownies.

Pour it Mix it-look how serious she is After we poured the brownies it was time for the best part of baking emptying the bowl. How could you resist this face! She made sure she got every bit out of the bowl

After all that hard work it was time to eat, as you can see she loved the brownies. As we were making the brownies I told her they were healthy brownies so mommy and Patty cake could have some (No Pudge Brownies YUM.) When we talked to Tom (Daddy) she told him we made Broncoloies a cross between broccoli ad brownie. It was to funny to hear her tell about the broncolies

After dinner we had a fun doing a photo shoot, enjoy a few pictures of my little ham she even went and got her own props.
She went and got the basketball to sit on

Goofing off in bed After all of this fun I gave her a bath and she read me her favorite stories. It was so much fun to enjoy all of those little hugs, cuddles and laughs. I am the luckiest aunt in the world!!!

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Chrissy said...

she is still talking about you guys having so much fun! thanks!