Saturday, August 15, 2009

Greg and Darlene Reception

Just a few of my favorites from the reception I used a little restraint we took over 600 pictures. It was a great party full of lots of dancing and partying! I danced a ton and Max took the camera capturing all of the special moments.

Greg and his adorable neice
My handsome hubby and I Dancing. The real question though is who is leading!
The Vegas Boys- Dino, Greg, Max, and Jeff
At first you just see a silly look on Lauren's face but what the look is saying makes the picture. ROck Lobster by the B-52's came on everyone jumped up to dance and she made this face and asked "Is this a cool song?"
First Dance
The cute couple

My handsome husband giving the toast
Cake anyone
Max took this picture it was very important to him that Greg and Darlene had a chance to at least taste their cake before visting with all of their guest. At our wedding Max finally sat down to eat a piece of cake at the same time I had asked a waiter to pack up our cake so we could eat it later. As the waiter took the cake Max tried to stab witha fork and asked "what are you doing?" When the waiter replied "your wife asked me to pack this up." Max replied "Wife what wife?" THe waiter responded "The bride sir" Max gave up a nd went to greet more guests. AS THE BEST MAN HE MADE SURE GREG TOOK A MOMENT FOR CAKE!-Photo by Max
What a sweet grandma-Photo by Max Darlene the dancing queen-Photo by Max
Darlene dancing with her Grandpa- Photo by Max
Darlene celebrating with guests
Turn your head for cutness- Photo by Aly Gregs 7 year old neice. Her parents were scared to see her with my little camera. I knew that my camera is shock proof. Aly took a few of my favorite shots.

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