Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 6 and 7

Yesterday the cabinets arrived and were installed. Today we placed calls and griped about those things that were just not right. Hey we are only doing this once it should be perfect. here a few picture teasers. Sorry no big shots of my beautiful kitchen till it is all done which may be over a month since a few things need to reordered .

Oooh pretty!!!!

Don't you love my temporary counter top?
Huh??? Why don't the counters go to the carpet and wait are they straight?
What's up with this lovely corner job?

Ona good note the cabinet company and Lowe's were out first thing this morning and everything is being reordered and it was fairly painless, so far. There are other parts I would love to show off but I am waiting for the big before and after revel post.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lu! I feel for you! Hate to tell you that Lowes and another friend went round and round with their cabinets. Maybe, NV service will be better than PA's! So far once all the kinks are worked out it looks like it will be awesome! What kind of counters are you waiting for?
Lynn L.

Luann said...

So far Lowes has been great as has the owner of the company it was the specific installed that lead to our concerns. When the install person and the designer came today they both wondered why he did not follow the plans as written he made some personal taste modifications that did not make sense and left a handful of extra stuff. We are waiting for laminate counter tops.

Kristen said...

Well you are such a tease...I am dying to see the rest. The cabinets look gorgeous. How fun. Were you able to put all of your items back into the kitchen or are you living out of boxes?