Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let the remodel begin!

I am so happy my yucky kitchen is about to go!!!

Some of my favorite parts of this kitchen are the drawers with holes in the bottom.

The classy saw cut, pulling away from the ceiling. You can tell these cabinets were hand made with love (not skill!)

The wonderful pressed board non adjustable shelves. That give you splinters when getting things out. Oh did I mention the spacing is so short I can't put a box of cereal on the shelves.
Ethel loved checking out the PIT! This is where we stored everything along with all of the goodies that fell through the drawers above. I was amazed at the crap that was in there and left wondering about the hundreds of rubberbands I found in the pit.

After I emptied the lovely plastic lazy Susan I pulled up to find all of my lost lids underneath but...
was this where are my lids!!!! I was left wondering about the thread and fabric scraps, I know I did not put those items in my kitchen.

Tonight I boxed up several cabinets in preparation for demo and painting this weekend! I will try to post pictures as the process to continue. Have I mentioned how excited I am to take the boxes of cabinets in the garage and see them in my kitchen. LET THE PROCESS BEGIN!!!!


Kristen said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of work! How was the pizza last night? We just ordered in too! We will be looking forward to more pictures!

Annette33 said...

Jealous here! Funny how I just asked the question, right before your remodel.