Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who is he results

The person they were talking about was Bret Farve I am happy to report that in my circle more then 1/5 people know who he is. This was discussed on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the morning. Where one Mike said he did not think anyone outside of football know who Bret Farve was.

I hope you enjoy all of the answers. Thank you for you assistance in my scientific survey LOL!

In a few words describe who this man is

  1. Sean Combs
    • Rap mogul, director, clothing line
    • Puff Daddy
    • puffy daddy, p diddy, singer and designer (sean john)
    • Puffy, P. Diddy, Sean John......big time rapper, used to date J Lo, faced attempted murder charges at one time, throws extravagant parties in LA where everyone has to wear white
    • ?
    • Rapper
    • signer
    • Singer
    • "P-Diddy" singer/rapper
    • Rapper (I doubt I've ever heard him RAP!)
    • rap star, producer
    • Rapper
    • singer?
    • aka Puff Daddy.. rapper

  1. Dick Chaney
    • former VP
    • Current VP of USA (For the next couple of months..)
    • present VP
    • Vice President, shot someone with a gun while duck hunting
    • Vice president of United States
    • Vice Pres
    • vice president
    • vice president
    • VP of USA (Don't go around him if he's packing a gun)
    • VP of the US
    • vice president
    • Vice president
    • VP
    • current VPOTUS

  1. Payton Manning
    • football player
    • Football QB .. don't remember what team...
    • Football Player
    • Quarterback not sure of the team but his dad Archie played for the New Orlenas Saints and his brother Eli also plays football
    • Colts QB and spokesperson for many products
    • quarterback for Colts didn't he play football?
    • Quarterback of Indianapolis Colts
    • football player
    • quarterback
    • My favorite guy...I also like his brother...both QB football teams (seem like such good guys)
    • football star
    • quarterback
    • football player

  1. Ryan Phillippe
    • actor, married to Sarah Michelle Gellar
    • actor
    • Actor (watched him on OLTL)
    • actor divorced from Reese Witherspoon
    • ex of Reese Witherspoon, dating the gal he cheated on Reese with, has 2 kids with Reese, actor that doesn't get great roles, has hot abs
    • ?
    • ?
    • ????
    • Actor
    • Actor - Was married to Reese Witherspoon
    • actor?
    • No Clue
    • ?

  2. Nate Burkus
    • interior designer, works for Oprah
    • Don't have a clue
    • designer who appears on Oprah
    • isn't he Oprah's interior decorator?
    • ?
    • ?
    • Oprah's interior designer
    • ?????
    • Oprah's decorator
    • ?
    • home designer
    • not sure
    • ?
    • no clue

  1. Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod)
    • baseball player
    • Baseball - New York
    • NY baseball player
    • plays baseball, accused of cheating with Madonna, left his wife that just had a baby 3 months ago........in other words, a real ass!!
    • Shortstop New York Yankees
    • Yankees-Madonna's lover
    • sports figure of some sort
    • baseball star
    • No clue
    • baseball player
    • baseball player
    • baseball player
    • baseball player
    • baseball player for the Yankees

  1. Barrak Obama
    • future president of the US
    • Senator .. currently running as the Democratic Nominee for President
    • Democratic presidential candidate
    • probably our next President.........God, I hope not!
    • Democratic Nominee (presumed) for President, Senator for Illinois
    • Presidential candidate
    • presidential candidate
    • presidential canidate
    • Running for President on Democratic ticket (Probably will be the canidate)
    • senator, running for president
    • senator, presidental nominee
    • Presidential candidate (first black one)
    • presidential wanna be
    • my boyfriend.. I mean POTUS candidate

  1. Ozzy Osborne
    • former metal singer, now king of reality
    • Into Heavy Metal and bites heads off bats (will he ever live that down? LOL!)
    • singer and reality tv star
    • one of the best singers of all time, lead singer for Black Sabbath, bit the head of a bat off onstage, spits blood onstage, married to Sharon, had a hit TV show
    • Rock star
    • Singer/Reality show
    • very strange person
    • singer turned reality TV star
    • rock singer from 70's or 80's-on reality show that I used to show my kids what happens when you use lot of alcohol and drugs when in your youth-lol!
    • reality show star/singer/bad habits gone bad!
    • Rock gone BAD!
    • singer, reality star
    • Very Old and demented rocker
    • singer

  1. Brette Farve
    • football player, actor on Something About Mary
    • N.Y. Jets QB - Should have stayed retired
    • was packers qb now jets qb wears #4
    • played for Green Bay Packers
    • Quarterback New York Jets (formerly with Green Bay)
    • football player-retired, now with the Jets
    • another sports figure???
    • NFL quarterback, Packers now Jets
    • I don't live in WI anymore so I can say I don't care for him...was QB in Green Bay now in NY...poor NY
    • Quarterback
    • quarterback NY Jets
    • Quarterback for the Jets used to be Green Bay Packers
    • quarterback for Jets
    • football player

  2. Brad Pitt
    • super hot actor, dad to the country, married to Angelina Jolie
    • N.Y. Jets QB - Should have stayed retired
    • actor, biological father to shiloh, leon and vivenne, angelina's spousal equalivant
    • actor and dad to 3 of Angelina Jolie's kids
    • a major hunk! has a ton of kids with Angelina Jolie, one of the greatest actors of my time, ex of Jennifer Aniston
    • Actor (Oceans 11 and Oceans 13) Married to Angelina Jolie
    • Actor
    • Actor
    • Actor
    • makes movies and headlines in gossip magazines
    • actor, heavy metal
    • Actor & partner of Angelina Jolie
    • Actor

  1. Michael Phelps
    • gold medal swimmer
    • Olympic swimmer with 8 medals
    • Olympic swimmer, 8 gold medals
    • swimmer
    • Olympic swimmer
    • Olympic swimmer
    • 8 GOLD medals in this years olympics .. I saw Mark Spitz do 7 and Michael do 8.. AMAZING KID
    • 8 for 8 Beijing gold medalist in swimming
    • won 8 gold medals at the Olympics
    • Olympic swimmer 8 gold medals in 2008 with 7 world records (3 in relays)
    • AWESOME Olympic swimmer
    • 8 gold medals in the oylmpics
    • Olympic swimmer, recently won 8 gold medals, 7 world records and an olympic record
    • Record breaking swimmer at this Olympics (I wouldn't have known who he was before this Olympics)

  1. Garth Brooks
    • country singer
    • Country singer (not to mention "HOT") ... Whatcha gonna do with a cowboy?
    • country singer
    • C&W singer
    • country singer
    • country music singer
    • Country Western singer married to Trisha Yearwood starting a comeback after 15 years in retirement
    • Country Singer
    • country singer married to trisha Yearwood
    • country singer, cheated on his wife
    • country singer
    • singer, country
    • C & W musician
    • country singer

  1. Heath Ledger
    • actor, RIP Heath
    • actor
    • Actor in new Batman movie, died over the summer
    • Died on my birthday .. loved him in 10 things I hate about you
    • deceased actor, recently in the dark knight father of matilda
    • one of my favorite actors....still cry when I see pics of him; has a daughter Matilda with Michelle Williams; truly would have been a legend in acting if he lived; was awesome as the Joker in the Dark Knight, God Bless Him
    • Deceased Actor
    • actor who died recently and was in Batman returns
    • deceased actor
    • Movie star found dead in recent past
    • actor, deceased
    • recently deceased, played the Joker in Dark Knight
    • deceased actor
    • actor who recently died

  1. Tiger Woods
    • HOT golfer
    • Awesome Golfer who won't play for a while because of injury
    • one of Golf's best ... my brothers favorite golfer .. I made my brother a Tiger album for Christmas last year
    • Golfer extraordinaire with 14? major titles including US open this year. Currently injured and rehabbing ligaments in knee and shin stress fractures
    • african american golfer
    • professional golfer
    • golfer
    • golfer
    • pro golfer
    • golfer
    • pro golfer
    • a golfer; married to Elin and has a kid
    • Golfer
    • Plays Golf VERY well

  1. Prince William
    • next in line for the king of England
    • the Future King of England and son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana
    • heir to throne of England
    • next in line for England's throne
    • Heir to the British Throne DUH! I was obviously thinking of his DAD!
    • Princess Diana's eldest son
    • 2nd in line to the British crown
    • Sometimes know as "Wills" is grandson of Queen Elizabeth and son of Prince Charles and Diana
    • (Is that in a can? LOL!)) .. Charles and Di's firstborn
    • Heir to the British throne dating Kate and son of Di and Charles
    • son of Prince Charles & Diana
    • another hottie; King of England some day; son of Prince Charles and Lady Di; engaged
    • Oldest son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, second heir to the throne in England behind his father
    • Son of Queen Elizabeth

  1. William “Bill” Clinton
    • former president, did the diddly with Monica
    • Former President of the U.S.A. .. husband (on a leash) to Hillary... could have been first husband and former President .. imagine the jokes on late night TV!
    • former president of the USA and former governor of Arkansas
    • the worst President ever; cheated on Hil with Monica Lewinsky; he makes me want to puke when I see him; he needs a major eye tuck
    • Former president of the United States and husband of Hillary Clinton
    • Sleezy ex-President
    • former president
    • Clinton-ex president
    • Don't get me started....past President of USA
    • former president

· Former President and Hillary's husband

· my birthdate buddy and former POTUS

  1. Will Smith
    • Actor (Independence Day, Men in Black, Hutch, etc)
    • actor and former Rapper
    • rapper, actor, father
    • actor
    • Actor .. haven't liked many of his movies
    • Fresh prince, actor, married to Jada Pinkett Smith
    • awesome actor; married to Jada Pinkett Smith; has 3 kids
    • Actor
    • Actor
    • GREAT actor
    • actor
    • actor

· Actor - (loved him in Men in Black)

  1. Shaquill O’Neil
    • basketball player, pseudo-actor
    • B-Ball you bet! .. One of the greats
    • basketball player
    • basketball player that just got a divorce; has a million kids
    • Center for Miami Heat (formerly with LA Lakers. Played college basketball for University of Houston
    • Basketball Player
    • basketball player, personality
    • plays BB
    • basketball player
    • pro basketball player
    • Basketball player now with the Phoenix Suns - GO SUNS!
    • basketball player
    • basketball player

  1. Tim McGraw
    • country singer
    • Country singer... favorite song (and I cry every time) Please don't take the girl
    • country singer married to Faith Hil
    • country singer married to Faith Hill, another country singer
    • Country Singer
    • Country Western singer married to Faith Hill and son of pitcher Tug McGraw
    • either country singer or baseball player(lol-can't remember which one has which first name)
    • country singer
    • C&W singer
    • singer, Tug McGraw's son
    • singer, country

· C& W musician married to Faith Hill

    • country music singer

  1. Tom Brady
    • football player
    • I was thinking this was the guy who got shot with Ronald Regan .. the "Brady Law" .. but that was Jim Brady .. so I don't know who Tom is ...
    • New Englands QB has son John Edward Thomas (Jet) with ex girlfriend
    • an xxxhole! left Bridget Moyahen when she was barefoot and pregnant for Gisele, a top model; he never sees his kid......football player, but a real jerk.
    • Quarterback of the New England Patriots
    • QB for the Patriots
    • politician?
    • Patriots quarterback
    • No clue
    • quarterback
    • quarterback
    • Quarterback for the NE Patriots and won a few superbowls
    • football player for NE Patriots

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