Monday, August 18, 2008

Do You Know Him?

****Feel free to direct others to this survey the wider sampling the better I am really curious!****

Today I was driving to go walking (I know random, but my neighborhood is not large enough for a long walk.) Back to my point I was listening to a radio show where the two hosts were discussing a fact that 1/5 people did not know who this man was. I was shocked by this statistic but it left me wondering DO PEOPLE KNOW WHO HE IS OUT SIDE OF HIS FIELD? So I am creating this random survey of 20 men.

In a few words describe who this man is (cut and paste the list to compile your response.)

1. Sean Combs

2. Dick Chaney

3. Payton Manning

4. Ryan Phillippe

5. Nate Burkus

6. Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod)

7. Barrak Obama

8. Ozzy Osborne

9. Brette Farve

10. Brad Pitt

11. Michael Phelps

12. Garth Brooks

13. Heath Ledger

14. Tiger Woods

15. Prince William

16. William “Bill” Clinton

17. Will Smith

18. Shaquill O’Neil

19. Tim McGraw

20. Tom Brady

I will compile the answers and let you know what others responded (Don’t worry your responses will be random!)

Due August 19 Noon pst.


Kristen said...

Ummm. yeah.. little confusing for some of us. Where do we put our answers?

Luann said...

You should be able to copy the text and paste it in a comment. If that does not work e-mail me at