Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long Weekend

What are you doing?

We are expecting rainy weather and high winds this weekend so my hubby and I woke up early today and headed out to the lake to Kayak and get some boat time before the weather hit. It was a very fun paddle with rough water but we were loving the wild paddle then he surprised me by taking the long way home through a little town near us Boulder City. In Boulder City we had lunch at my favorite place Milo's then he said "Why don't we antique for a bit since the weather is still nice." So we enjoyed an outdoor lunch and shopping in low 80's with a light breeze and heavy cloud cover, for a desert rat this was a huge weather treat. Not to mention it was very quite which is unusual for a weekend. **Side note he did claim every guy walking by us at lunch was giving him the good man nod as we ate our prissy salad and sandwiches, and he gave the head nod saying poor guy enjoy antiquing.

Milo's from their website.Paddling on the lake just not today, my camera would have been toast with the water we wre taking in (I was so glad we wore our skirts.)

For the rest of the weekend we plan on RELAXING at home and working on stuff we both brought home (such is the life of a teacher after the first week.)

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Kristen said...

Again, amazing Pics. Wow, it looks so peaceful! How is the kitchen?