Friday, January 2, 2009


I had a great time taking One Year pictures of my friend Magin's Daughter Felicia. Magin and her work partner in crime Sharri were driving forces in me realizing that Max was interested in me leading to a happy ever after! Thanks Girls! Oh yeah back to her beautiful daughter Felicia, she was such a cutie who was more interested in exploring her world and playing then looking at silly old me. I was very happy to capture her curious personality, I hope her mommy enjoys this sneak peek.

Look who is almost One Years Old You put one ball in you take one ball out! I was happy playing with my golf balls why did mommy put me in this itchy dress (notice the crocodile tear)
Maybe if I look cute I can get one of those pretty balls I have teeth see!One of my favorites

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Kristen said...

Very cute pictures. Her one finger sticking up and her two front teeth remind me of Kaydree at that age! :-)