Friday, January 16, 2009


Max wanted to try his hand at making sausage here is a photo glimpse of the process.

Everything in the Kitchen Aide (see mom it really was a couples wedding gift, not just for me!)
My busy little hubby bee, watching everything mix up. The smell even at this point was amazing (in a good way)
Look it's real sausage!
*Todays photo of the day* He was so proud of himself as he created his own sausage links with nothing but pure pork and spices.
The most Hot Italian pork sausage you will ever eat cooking up on the grill.
The finished product, ready to eat. With peppers and onions theses were an amazing dinner. Tomorrow breakfast sausage.
It is so nice to have a hubby that enjoys cooking and worries about what is in our food, the best part is he is willing to make it better and healthier (often less salt)


Scrapronicity said...
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Scrapronicity said...

If my husband would cook I'd take photos too! I love your industrial Kitchenaid...I have a plain white one which is fairly boring. That said, I plan on altering mine with some rub-ons! Ha! I hope you enjoyed your meal :)