Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random funnies

Okay so this post has 3 funnies from the last few days.

Yesterday I had to go to an in-service it was raining and parking was bad. I cruzed around and swore under my breath as I saw a spot (forgetting I was on the phone.) So I told my friend on the phone I had to let her go so I could park PARALLEL PARK (cue dramatic music) as my hubby learned on our last trip in city driving that I don't parallel park! It is a skill I don't use living here in Vegas and it is possible the last time I used this parking skill was my driving test. Well I bit the bullet and parked into this spot not hitting the curb (on the second try) I also avoided hitting either car. Yes I was so proud of my park job that only took two tries I took a picture!

My hubby tied another sausage recipe today and I was very helpful bagging and labeling the links for the freezer. He pulled out a bag for dinner and called me over "what does this say?" I came over wondering did I write it that messy (I do have a rep for poor handwriting) I looked at it and it was clear as day so I sassily replied while pointing "HOT LINKS JANUARY 2007"
That was a test did you figure out my error. Yep thats right I was a few years off on the date.

While he was grilling he called me out to show me how much he loves me. It takes an amazing special man to say I love you with meat!

Yesterday was my brother in-laws birthday. We had a family dinner at Red Lobster , I think we only go there for the Cheddar biscuits. After being seated for a few minutes Tom started chanting under his breathe "where are the biscuits" When they came I channeled my inner sassy grabbed my husbands zippo and put it on the plate with a cheddar treat for Tom. Sadly I was not quick enough to get the camera but you get the general idea.


Kristen said...

That is so funny, I still don't parallel(sp) park either! With a van it is really hard and I even have beeping sensors to tell me when I am too close! Ha Ha I laughed at your picture, I would have been proud of myself too! Good job!

cz scrap said...

I'm the same way with the parallel parking..and I've been driving for 36 years :(. But I have to admit that I laughed when I saw the space you pulled into-it was huge! In our downtown area, the spaces are much smaller and I always try to find an end one so that there is only one car to have to park behind or in front of. I enjoyed your photos!