Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Early Birthday

It is our family tradition to celebrate birthdays with a family dinner at the birthday boy/girls restaurant of choice. This year I choose to celebrate at Black Angus. Yes I know my birthday is not today it is next week! However 5/6 of us were off of work today so it made sense to gather a week early and eliminate the rush from work or people rushing off to work. Me, Sydney, Chrissy
Sydney was very into dipping her celery into the little metal cups she started with ranch but ran out and was happily dipping into the butter she found until her mommy declared "I draw the line at butter!" Syd was such a cutie as soon as she saw the pre flash of my camera she posed.
My Mom's birthday is in March but she will be celebrating at Disneyland with Chrissy's family so we gave her an early present. The bag was sealed with binder clips and she was so excited she tried to take them, Max told her she could not have them. Boy was she surprised to open a pack of big bright binder clips (oh did I fail to mention she is currently obsessed with pretty binder clips? Now I know why Office Max is one of my favorite stores!)
Since Max and I are both off this week he took me to buy my birthday gift, MY first NEW guitar! I have been learning on his old school guitar but it did not fit me well, so I am very excited to have a smaller guitar that is easier to play and suited to my emerging style.
The process actually started Monday, I got the guitar yesterday and took it in to my favorite guitar guy Ken to look it over and change the strings (he works at the other store and was unable to come meet us yesterday.)
Ken checking her out and showing off her full potential he is an awesome player and a local musician
Ken and I
A quick thank you to my wonderful sister for the Cold Stone Jelly Belly's these are delicious, everyone should try these!

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Kristen said...

Happy EArly /Birthday... I am going to be in Disney World on your Birthday! CRAZYYYYY, I will be thinking about you!