Saturday, February 7, 2009


I am almost embarrassed to post this. As I was catching up on my photo of the day layout and getting pictures from the camera to layout, realized almost every picture this month was about food. What does that say about me????

2. With all of the excitement of the
Superbowl our stomachs were to
unsettled to eat the chicken wings we
planned on eating, so we ate them
tonight.3. It is my favorite time of the year Pie
Month at Marie Calendars.
4. We watched “Dirty Jobs” while the
girls relaxed on the couch.
5. Max stayed home sick and cleaned
Sylvia (his espresso machine) here he is
enjoying a yummy cappuccino.
6. I went out to dinner with Chrissy, and Sydney at Mimi’s Cafe. THis was the first time she sat in a booster chair.
7. Max woke up very early and woke me
up with the smell of pancakes and
sausage from scratch, along with puppy

1 comment:

Kristen said...

Love that new kitchen....looks so good! wow... I can almost smell those pancake and sausages! WE had pancakes for supper last night!