Monday, February 23, 2009

Tracy and Noah

Sunday I had the pleasure to do an engagement shoot of my wonderful friend Tracy and her awesome fiance Noah. They started dating a few weeks before Max and I did. Tracy worked with me at the time and helped me realize that my now hubby was interested in being more then friends. I am so happy to watch them prepare to take the next step. We had a great time in the wind rain and children's trails!

I was playing around with some tips in Computer Tricks for Scrapbooking 3 by Jessica Sprague

So cute!
I love the tenderness between the two of them
The are beautiful but so is that really cool water spouting waterfall behind them!

They both play rugby in fact that is how they met
Love is in the air
The very first shot we probably could have stopped right there but hey we were having a blast!


Kristen said...

Did you finish the book yet? Those pictures are breath taking! Amazing!

megan said...

nice job lu!!! i love some of the angles you were working.