Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oh Day I have been longing for you.....

I have been longing and dreaming about this day for weeks. I went up to Mount Charleston with the reader loaded up with books (I am reading the story of Edgar Sawtelle,) camera ready to go (as you can see I took a few pictures!) and body ready to relax. I drove and walked around taking pictures till I was cold then went inside to warm up I digi scrapbooked on the laptop for a bit while sipping on hot coco. Then I pulled out my book and read a few pages gazed out the window for a bit read a few more pages and gazed some more there were clouds moving in and it was beautiful! After an hour or so I ordered a big bowl of yummy chili and read and gazed some more after another hour or so I had my favorite dessert creme bruelle YUM!!!! As you can see below I also read some more. It was a glorious day that recharged me for life, my batteries were getting pretty empty and needed natures recharging! I am so glad that this day turned out just as the perfect image sitting in my brain for many weeks.

Reading while eating dessert

The view out of my window seat

There was a storm the day before adding a fresh coat of beauty

So pretty

The wind must have been crazy on the mountain check out these sideways icicles

Today was a bit warmer and led to melting, wow nature is amazing! I will never admit to the amount of time taken standing in the cold entranced by the dripping or the amount of pictures taken to get this shot!

What a pretty place to live

More of natures beauty

I always thought that in the center of this picture was a cave but the snowy river inside makes me wonder if it may be an arch?

Incoming clouds hiding the rest of the mountains and sadly my cue to head home back to reality

I also took a few minutes for a few self portraits with the help of my timer and the railings of the walkways (I had a tripod in my trunk I forgot about oops) Hey where did that fire hydrant come from it was not there when I set up to frame, oh well


Kristen said...

I wish I could have flown out and joined you! I just finished The Story of Edgar Sawtelle. It is kind of a slow, deep thinking, big words kind of book. When you finish, tell me what you thought!

Luann said...

I am only about a 1/4 into it glad I bought this one and did not borrow it from the library I may not make my 3 week limit! I would have loved to have had you join me up there.

The Bames said...

I love the picture of the trees. I wish I had the eye to take pictures like that. So pretty.