Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting Ready

I don't think I have ever had so much fun getting ready for something before. We started at the hair salon owned by Tracy's aunt (I think.) It was the cutest shop! They had mimosas ready for us upon arrival.
I love this picture of Sharon (Noah's mom) getting her make up done. I told you the shop was cute!

Tracy in Make-up

Jenni doing her make up

Fishy Face
Tracy's moms feet- She know only two toes would show in her shoes so that is all she painted!

Tracy I love this look!The real hair style
Messing around in the church basement
Getting Dressed
Tracy and I
The mini crisis of the wedding:
Tracy's Mom forgot to bring some critical parts of her outfit and had to drive home (in the next town) You can see the concern on both her and her dad's face as they consider how late she will be and whether or not she will get a ticket.
Tracy's sister waiting with Mom's dress in hand
A beautiful change of roles Tracy helping her mom get dressed

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