Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sorry no pictures of the ceremony I was in the wedding and my camera did not fit in my bouquet! Tracy's family arranged for many personalized surprises to the wedding activities. When the bride and groom exited the church friends and family showered them not with the bubbles Tracy planned but instead a mix of bubbles and mini foam personalized rugby balls.

Another surprise was how the wedding party would get from the ceremony to the reception. This is how!
Each couple rode in Jeeps (Tracy's dream car) Each jeep was decorated and came with drink service. We drove through Loweville announcing the happy event.


The beautiful couple! At the Tug Hill Vineyard
Okay not the best picture of the new couple but check out the amazing background. While taking pictures in between shivering (I will take this moment to digress and apologize to everyone especially my sister who froze at our wedding!) We noticed the vineyard dogs ummmm messing around, inspiring the couple .... you pick your sassy comment there are so many!
Tomorrow that last post of my trip the reception


megan said...

nice. very nice. dogs humping! how appropriate... beautiful couple! where's the photo of you in your bridesmaid dress?

Luann said...

Um those would be inthe reception pictures I never posted LOL!