Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rehersal and Dinner

Oh yeah I went to NY for a wedding I did not forget. The rehearsal was held at the church and then there was an amazing feast of food at Tracy parents house for dinner. Her family was so friendly and full of hospitality

Excitement was in the air at Tracy's childhood home. Here are her parents marking the house for the party.
At the rehearsal dinner they had a table with the married hall of fame
The girls at the church (many of these pictures are thanks to Noah's mom)
See I told you I was an angel check out that heavenly glow
Mom and dad practicing their good bye
The boys
decorating the church
Groomsmen relaxing by the fire
Tracy's grandma saw me with the camera and asked me not to take her picture I promised her I would take a great picture or no picture! This one met her approval
Having fun
Tracy and I
Tracy what is with that face???
Noah giving his dad his gift
At the end of the evening her former room ate Vee asked to see the dress.

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