Tuesday, October 6, 2009


As many of you know fall is my favorite season. I am in love withthe changing seasong and the brightly colored leaves. Living in Vegas I don't get to see falls beauty very often. I was so delighted to see the colors starting to change in NY I took just a few pictures of natures beauty as it slips into fall.

Does this picture make anyone else want to sing Country Roads from John Denver
Love the daisy's of summer with the changing leaves (this was taken in the apple orchard)
There were rolls of hay everywhere along with corn fields being cut down
Berries drying on the vine
Look at this yellow
I did not notice this little guy until after I took the picture and check my picture and was shocked to see him crawling around
Beautiful berries these berries were in our bouquets but I left mine on the table grrr.

Me walking among the leaves
So pretty
Perfect picture for me cows and color!
This creek was along my drive on Sunday it was so pretty and the creek bed was big slabs of slate I have never seen that before.
more color
Love how this tree was green on one side and orange on the other. Is this normal?

So pretty
Tracy's street I turned on to it ans was amazed at how pretty it was.

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