Saturday, October 3, 2009

Loweville New York

The wedding was in the small town of Lowville in upstate New York. I was charmed by the beauty of the country landscape. On Friday and Sunday I had a little time to drive around the area here are a few of my favorite pictures (there are more in my other themes coming this week)
There were so many classic red barns it was like I drove into a painting of classic America this shot reminds me of an image used for an eye test at my optometrist.
I drove up an down narrow roads checking out the beauty of the rolling hills. The thin tracks in the road are from buggy wheels.
This was the view across the street from my hotel, it was so beautiful, just like a post card.
I love the framing of this one, not to mention my love of old trucks.
While walking around the village of Lowville I found Mike's a JC Penny merchant I have to say I thought places like this had all but disappeared into history. I also had fun going into several little craft shops.
On Sunday I left Lowville at about 9 am set the GPS for the airport, it was a 2 hour drive and I had about 6 hours so I followed roads that interested me and explored this part of NY. The only thing I wanted to do was pick apples (a later post.) It was so cool to drive in the rain and see where the roads took me. I would stop occasionally and ask for directions at places like dairies, bait shops, and fast food. It was a great experience to have time to just explore.

One little town I drove through was celebrating "pink week" There were several business covered in pink!
I pulled off the highway and drove over a bridge in the river there were hundreds of fishermen in the river, it was an amazing site but there was no good place to pull over for a picture. I have to say I was amazed by the amount of camo in Pulski.

I stopped at this little dairy in Pulski and had to laugh when I saw this speciality block of cheese. I also bought the most amazing apple cider there and cheese curd. I was drawn to the dairy by the massive grill out front they were selling fresh grilled fish. I learned that those fishermen were salmon fishing.
Right before I headed to the airport I stopped at a pizza joint for NY pizza and to watch football for a few minutes (it was weird football did not start till 1 in the afternoon.)
It was very cool to drive around and enjoy the rain and enjoy a different season, and way of living.

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Lynn said...

Too back it wasn't "Roethlisberger" cheese for good luck for all Steelers fans!