Monday, October 5, 2009

NY Apples

One of the things I was most looking forward to on this trip was apple picking. I know to many of you this is nothing special however it is something I have never has the opportunity to do and was very excited to try.

So prettyin the rain

I have to say the trees were shorter then I thought and it was amazing how full of fruit they were.

More pretty apples

I was not brave enough to climb up this ladder but it made for a pretty picture

A random picture of a father and son picking apples. What a great way to spend family time.
While there were lots of pre picked bushells I was very excited to pick my own and bring it home to Vegas I wonder what the TSA thought of my suitcase full of fruit.

I have had two apples a day all week but was not going to eat all of my special fruit while it was still fresh. So I made apple pie pockets

Look how pretty they are and I made it my self!

My pie was very very yummy, but I don't think I should have eaten 3 (ooohh my poor tummy was not happy)

I had a little left over pie crust so I made some crust cookies and painted maple syrup also from my trip onhte cookies. They eneded up being a very yummy not so sweet treat.

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