Monday, December 15, 2008

Family pictures and presents

We gathered at Billy's house for a family dinner more ham, he was missing pork abroad. He was so excited to have us over he ran out and bought a tree Sydney and Chrissy helped him decorate it.
Billy had fun opening presents, Sydney was a pro helping Uncle Billy and was very excited to open boxer short with a big "Oh Boy." It was so touching to watch Sydney with her Uncle Billy and to see how close they are.
Sydney was having a great time playing in the paper and helping out.
We all had a great laugh with the gifts Billy brought home, don't we look hot! The boys all said it was very comfortable the girls felt hot in our wraps. It was very interesting to step in someone else's shoes for a few minutes. I have to say I am glad for our freedoms and the comfort of my head being uncovered.
The most excited person was Max he loved his Ibrik (a pot used to make Turkish Coffee) he did not know I had asked Billy for this special gift. Billy was so cute he was worried that he was missing parts since the pot is so simple and made sure with the chefs at the hotel that it was the correct item. As you can see by Max's face it was a perfect item. It is amazing the difference in quality between the one Billy brought home and the one Max bought here a few years ago.
While Billy was in town we wanted to do family photographs. We had planned on an outdoor session but as schedules worked out we ended up meeting at Billy's house Saturday night it was challenging using a timer and getting all of us looking in one direction leading to a great time and lots of laughing, and tortured boys!!!!
Just the 5 of us
3 Kids
Max and I
The Hood's Tom, Chrissy, and Sydney
Mom (Lisa), Dad (Bill)
My Daddy
My beautiful Mom
Billy my handsome brother
Handsome Brother in-law Tom
My confident sister Chrissy
My adorable niece Sydney



Anonymous said...

Great pictures! And it looks like a good time was had by all!
Lynn L.

cz scrap said...

Got all teary eyed thinking of how much it meant to have you all togetherQ What wonderful photos!!!