Saturday, December 27, 2008


I hope everyone had a very special and blessed Christmas Season. We had a wonderful holiday blessed with a mix of huge family, just the two of us and medium family.

Grandma's House 30 people
We all gathered at Church for 4pm for the Children's Mass. Then headed back to Grandma's house for a big family dinner of Ham and Turkey along with many other goodies. After dinner we sat around chatting a bit while my amazing Uncles cleaned the kitchen. We then moved into gift opening, I love watching the little ones hand out gifts and see who is able to try and read names each year.

A glimpse into the living room
Grandma and Jayden (my cousin Stormie's son)
Sydney my niece trying to get a Chocolate Christmas Tree
Macy (My uncle Skip's daughter) handing out gifts
My cousin Katie checking out my Cousin Paul's gifts.
Christmas at Home the 2 of us with our fur babies!

My Hubby enjoying his new robe, he was so excited about this gift!
Ever wonder about an idea months ago but did not really mention it after that, and behind the scenes have someone investigate it and on Christmas, Birthday, or every day moment see the idea in real life. Well if your answer was yes I hope your face looked something like this. Lets just say my hubby knew he got it right.
Lucy enjoying her Christmas Jumbone
Ethel enjoying hers
The girls taking a nap on their custom made doggy bed, that fits the couch their favorite sleeping spot. DIYers this is a memory foam twin bed topper covered in a case of fleece blankets.
Mom and Dad's House- 7 people
Chrissy and Sydney posing in their matching Christmas Jammies
Sydney opening presents
Mom and Billy! The best present of the day getting to talk to Billy half a world away.
Sydney and I enjoying a special moment reading a Stoooooreeee together
Sydney trying to put the angel on the tree! She kept leading with her feet. finally I climbed up on a chair and helped her out while Day lifted her up (thankfully there are no pictures of that moment!

Over all it was a blessed holiday season filled with many different events, and gatherings but the truly special part of the season was reconnecting and visiting with family and friends. It is not about the things exchanged but the connections between people!

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Kristen said...

Did I miss what Max got you? I re-read it and couldn't figure it out? Are you going to tell us?