Friday, December 12, 2008

Part of my brothers visit home involved a big family get together for Thankmas at Grandma's house. Everyone had a great time visiting and playing. He wanted to be together with with the whole family in a gathering. How wonderful is it that my parents have raised such a cool young man who on a Friday night wants to be surrounded by family not out parting.

Paul, Billy and Tom visiting on the couch
Visting after dinner

Billy sharing details like the indoor snowboard place, the richness of everything, stories of some of the crazy rich he has met and more.
Anthony and Macy- Funny watching the kids climb all over Anthony and Paul when they used to climb all of Billy
Me playing with Trey
Macy being a goof ball
Sydney exploring grandmas Christmas decorations. My mom made this peace years ago it has all of my aunt and uncles names hidden in the blocks.
Sydney having fun
Ally and grandma curled up together

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