Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

Greetings from my winter wonderland

Look at my pretty brown house covered in snow and our slushy street!

Noon on my first SNOW DAY EVER!!!! Look how pretty this scene is to the left of this picture is an elementary school. See those nasty slushy streets (thank goodness for those street and my bonus day)The girls and I went for a walk Ethel loved the snow Lucy was not so sure but got into it. I found a wonderful neighbor who was helping her kids build a snowman who took this picture.
The neighbors daughter and her handsome snowman.
So how did I spend my snow day? I went for a wintery walk, a little shopping as the streets cleared up, a very long nap and watched some TV. So basically I did nothing productive and it felt wonderful!


Kristen said...

You know you could move to Minnesota and experience more of this type of living! WE would love it!

Annette33 said...

Now I want to see the scrapped page! Waiting for my snow day, we usually have at least one a year.