Monday, December 15, 2008

My husband surprised me with tickets to the 3rd Go round of the 50th National Finals Rodeo. I did not think I was going this year and was okay with that until I realized it was the 50th rodeo. We went to one of the big tent stores and he saw the sadness in my eyes and I looked at a 5oth hat sadly (I thought I hid my look.) He went on line and found 2 tickets on Craig's list. The best part was that my hubby went with me! I have gone alone the last three years it was a huge treat to go with my wonderful hubby. Here are a few of my favorite pictures. I am so blessed to married to a man who will take me to the Super bowl of my favorite sport even though he does not like it. So in the spirit of my hubby when tied on two favorite shots I tried to pick one where the animal was winning not the cowboy.
Brooks and Dunn the opening act
All of the cowboys at the grand entrance
Bare Back
Steer Wrestling the steer got away on this one Max cheered!
Team Roping
Saddle Bronc (a lot of good the saddle did this guy)
More Saddle Bronc the horse is showing the rider who is boss
My favorite cowboy Fred Whitfield getting ready for Tie down roping
More Tie Down roping
Barrel Racing it is truly amazing they go around 3 barrels in the area in 14 seconds or less
Bull Riding
The Bulls were the champions on this night

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