Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas in Simi

During the middle of the month I traveled to Simi Valley, CA to join my parents, and Sydney for Christmas with our California side of the family my Auntie Patty (Mom's sister), and my Cousin an and her wonderful husband Dan. As a family we went to the Christmas Tree farm with friends of Ann and Dan's and their daughter Baily.

Sydney listening to Auntie Patty reading her storeeeeSydney trying on Ann's hat
Peter Lisa and Baily
Mom, Sydney, and Auntie Patty looking for the right tree
Ann cutting down the right tree
My dad helping Ann look for the right tree. Isn't he so handsome!
Ms. Sydney and I "cheesing" for the camera
Baily riding the pony (Sydney would not have any part of the pony) I love Peter walking backwards catching every moment.
Sydney playing on the big haystack tower.
Dan AKA Uncle Hopper watching Sydney play.
Thee the farm
Auntie Patty and her trunk full of gift most for Sydney and Baily, she is a sucker for the two little cuties!
Dad and Ann putting up the tree.
Sydney and Baily rocking out on their new microphones.
Dan having a little silly string fun with Ann as she put together the lasagnas, she was not as amused as Dan was.
Baily playing with her and Sydney's dolls in Sydney's stroller. Syd watched on not sure of how to share and play with Baily.
Baily playing in the ball pit.
Sydney surrounded by the paper adn boxes
My Mom cuddling with her new tinkerbell blanket.

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Kristen said...

Can that little Sydney get an cuter? I swear.... I can see a little of her auntie Lu Lu in her! That Christmas tree is so pretty, gorgeous!