Monday, July 19, 2010


We were both excited to go to Alcatraz for the first time.

We had to take a boat to the Rock, and my tummy is not always fond of boats I am not paddling so I munched on a little ginger to start the trip.

Views from the boat trip

The Bay Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Rock from afar

I have always thought of Alcatraz as a prison but we learned about it’s other uses also. Did you know that is was a base in the civil war? Who tried to take over Alcatraz in the 60’s after it closed?

That’s right the Native Americans

I never expected Alcatraz to be so beautiful. There are gardens created by a prisoner, there is even a group of volunteers that maintain the gardens.

Alcatraz is also an aviary for birds who knew?

There are also amazing views of San Francisco from The Rock

Ooops I almost forgot to share to pictures of the actual prison it is old and falling into disrepair which leads to the creepiness.

A cell

notice the pink yarn

Chrissy locked up

Chrissy listening tot he tour in the old cafeteria.

Old Family section where the guards, and their families lived it was destroyed by a fire.

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