Saturday, July 24, 2010

Walkers and Cheer Leaders

The reason we were crewing was to support the real hero's and fundraisers and sometimes even survivors the walkers. Here are some of my favorite pictures of walkers and cheerleaders. I really did try to just pick my favorites!

Cheer leaders at rest stop 5
This little guy giggled every was hanging out in the park on a play date. Every time I rang my cow bell he came closer and was more curious. I asked (with parent permission) if he wanted to ring the bell. He cheered on walkers for 20 minutes or so. His play date was a cutie in a princess dress.
These girls waited patiently for their friend and cheered on every other walker like family. It was so beautiful to see these rays of sunshine keeping the walkers energy up.

There was a fleet of personal vehicles along the route cheering people on with blow hors blasting high energy music, the walkers needed it for those huge hills. This particular van was full of ladies dressed just like their van advertised.

Walkers coming entering our rest stop 21.6 miles of 26.2.
This was the first walker to get to our stop. Way to go Karen! One question though how do you walk that far and still look so fabulous?
I loved the t-shirt on these two amazing walkers. They are from a city in CA known for garlic, their shirt says (save the bulbs)
Amazing outfits gentlemen
Although this team of angles do compute for the cutest outfit in the walk
Hmm maybe it is this guy in the spiffy gold outfit he walked in several people.
Side not the guy in the pink hart hat is Mike from our team in fact his mom is the Peggy in Peggy's Spirit. Mike walked up the route and cheered people on talking and singing his songs.
Moto Crew they are the awesome men and women who help walkers across busy streets. Check out the whirly gig on the back of his bike. I wonder if Moto Crew decorates their bikes like this for Sturgis?
Sweep Vans
These highly festive vans cruise up and down the route picking up injured or exhausted walkers along the route. I have used their services once in Long Beach and I have to say the high energy and cool decorations help distract you from the frustrating fact that your body gave up before reaching your goal.
Set sail with Sweep
The Finish Line
I was so grateful to get into closing ceremonies to see so many amazing walkers finish. When I walk I tend so see the same walkers over the two days since we all have similar paces, and I usually finish near the end, and them I am worried about my own aching body. It was fun to see so many people cross the emotional finish, and cheer them in.

I love the emotion on the faces of these 3 fantastic ladies
Still smiling beautiful
I loved these fans with a theme "Putting a cork to breast cancer"
Watch what happens in the next picture...
Her friend were so proud and happy for her. Way to go!
Read the pink shirt, the lady in white is an amazing friend to do this. Bonus to the walker in pink at least she could not see the hills looming and extending in front of her.
The power of Pink Diva Friends
Families waiting with proud
A special thanks to the San Jose Police/Fire they had many walker I am not sure of the official number but I would guess 20-30 and most of those had a bike cop cheer leader who rode the route, and helped keep the walkers and their co workers safe. San Jose ROCKS!!!
The emotion on this gentleman's face and the picture on his shirt choked me up and most around me.
Mendocino Cancer Resource Center does not just give you care they help fund raise and raise awareness for their patients. Way to go! You can see how hard this route was on their faces. the second lady in makes my shins hurt just looking at her.
Thank you to every walker I and the rest of my team know that you have not only committed to a weekend of walking but also fundraising $1,800+ each walker, training, etc. thank you for raising along with crew 5.5 million dollars this weekend!

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