Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rest Stop 5 and Day 1

Months ago our team captain for Peggy’s Spirit Long Beach Jean e-mailed the team and asked who wanted to crew the San Francisco Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Chrissy called me and asked if I wanted to crew with her, and celebrate her birthday in San Francisco. How awesome is my little sister for wanting to donate her time for her birthday! From there our awesome girls weekend began. We have both walked in the Long Beach event and looked forward to experiencing the walk from a different perspective.

Signing the tower

We had an amazing time crewing together at rest stop 5 mile 21.6, with a Rosie the Riveter theme.

Our team posing by our life sized Rosie that walkers could take their picture with.

Our team met at Opening ceremonies to cheer walkers as they started their day walking 26.2 miles

When we arrived at our rest stop we found a dog park fully of happy puppies. We quickly reconfigured our set up so they dogs could have most of their park.

Set Up empty park

We unloaded the truck and set up, the food and water stations.

Food table ready for walkers

Chrissy and I brought signs to decorate the port-a-potties with bits of inspiration (quotes Chrissy, design Lu)

Chrissy’s primary job throughout the day was to prepare gatorade and water.

My jobs included counting walkers as they came through...

I also served as the welcoming committee and cheered for walkers as I saw them come down the hill, and directed into our park with promises of “Welcome to rest stop 5 less than 5 left we have water, potties, snacks, and puppies.”

Mike would walk up the route and then walk back with single walkers.
The caboose is a special crew member who makes sure the last walker is safe. She also lead the most awesome stretch to start the day.
I opened my sleeping bag and noticed that there was a big bulge. Inside a found a surprise from Max and Lucy. Meet Pinky she also had a note in her little pink blinged backpack.
Posing with Pinky with the "moto crew"
We ended the night in our home for the evening.
In the next few days
Day 2/closing ceremonies
Favorite photos
Cheer leaders and walkers

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