Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 2 Crew and Closing

Day 2 started with our crew duty of tearing down the Wellness Village. We tore down hundres of tables and chairs, scanned the area for garbage and tent stakes, and had fun doing it in record time.

each stack has 50 chairs (that is me in blue in the center)
As you can see the energy in the bus ride to closing cermonies was a little more muted than leaving opening. Who knew crewing was so much work, but fun work!

Chrissy on the bus ride

When we got to closing cermoines I went to the med tent for a little love and care on my back. How often can you get a massage/adjustment with a perfect view of the golden gate bridge?
View from the table AMAZING!!!
After I was relaxed I pushed my struggling voice and cheered on the walkers who were finishing see MORE the next post for pictures from that.

Chrissy before closing ceremonies
Finally it was time for closing ceremonies
Crew marching in

The view behind us

Chrissy and I crewing ro end it together! Notice our cool hats! Thank you do everyone that helped us fundraise we had to raise $500 each for the hats.
My team at closing ceremonies during the stories and emotional parts, I take pictures to keep crying and love their faces.

Laura and Jerry
Mike, Jean, Cheryl
Me and Pinky at Closing ceremonies

Rais your hand if you are a survivor of breast cancer, Lost someone to breast cancer, know someone who has had breast cancer, are in it to end it raise your hand.


AuntiPatticake said...

Thank you and Chrissy for all you do in memory of Mama Lu. Love, Aunti Patti

Luann said...

Thank you for the kind words Patti Cake, we could not have raise our money this year with out your support and networks.

Jean said...

Luann, thank you for sharing your wonderful photos with our entire team. You have a knack for capturing the emotion of the moment. I'll see you next week. Love, Jean