Friday, July 16, 2010

Michele, Russ, and Michael

The last weekend in June I met with Michele, Russ, and Michael at Spring Mountain park. Funny thing Michele and I both teach at the same school and did not know it. She found me through a referral (thanks Suzanne) and it was through conversation with Suzanne we realized we both taught at the same place (she is half time and it is one of my 4 schools.)

We met early in the morning but the summer heat came on quick and made it a bit of a challenge. Michael had a great time exploring the great outdoors, talking to ducks, finding sticks and more!
Love those long eyelashes, and curly hair!
Michael so serious at the pond.
Being a typical boy running and playing!
Thank you Michele, Russ, and Michael for choosing me to capture your family in pictures.

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