Monday, May 11, 2009

This past weekend I was lucky enough to travel to the San Diego Scrapbook expo ad share a cropping table, yummy food, and great laughs with several friends. We all worked together teaching and running retreats for Magical Memory Adventures. It was so much fun to not only scrapbook together but also to relieve so many found weekends together.

On Friday we shopped took classes and cropped together. In one class I saw 3 of our frequent guest on the retreats and shared memories with them. At the crop they had a birthday card contest. I was working on a gift that happened to be a card and when I finished I passed it around the table it was not until Shilind asked if I was going to enter it I realized “Duh it is a birthday card!” I am so glad she pointed that out since I was one of the three winners and came home with a great paper pack for Quick Quotes. After the crop we went to our hotel and all6 of us shared a room so there was much laughing and follies.

Saturday brought a whole day of cropping 8am-11pm. We all got a lot done and enjoyed being so close o the show room floor, if we needed a break or something for a page we would just run over and return with more then what we needed! Throughout the day Jeanette’s daughter sent us pictures of getting ready for prom. During the evening Shilind and I participated in a dance contest for beautiful paper packs. Trisha won two contests a hat contest with a cool newspaper hat, and the Hats Off layout contest. She won a very cool bag that she gave to me so I could get all of my goodies home on the plane. I love the quote! At 11 ish we all headed home and I went to Dessie’s house.

Sunday morning I was able to digitally scrapbook on Dessie’s beautiful back porch while eating breakfast, it was a great was to relax and renew my energy from the last few busy days.

We were also lucky to share time with special friends and renew friendships all though we all had great reasons not to be there we were all grateful we made time for girl time.


Kristen said...

I see you are still developing those amazing talents of yours! How long have you been making that trip to San Diego for scrapping?

Luann said...

I am still scrapbooking not as often as I used to though. I no longer vist So.Cal every month but that all started October 2001.

Desirae said...

That was the perfect blog post to describe our fun weekend! It was great to see you and scrabook with you. My favorite part had to be the other 4 girls being shooed into the bathroom while we waited for the rollaway. Hilarious :)