Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Willow Beach

This weekend we made it down to the river (it had been since last September.) On Sunday's there are no boats allowed that combined with lots of "Dam" traffic we got down to Willow Beach late in the day, this lead to a very quite paddle we only saw 2 other people the entire time! While the winds were strong blowing up river making the water rough and the paddle down river very difficult it was still an awesome evening doing what we love, together! I can'twait for many more paddle up river this year!

The view from our favorite little rest stop (it is so hidden we have never seen anyone else there!)

Max and I paddling back as the day was ending!
Me in the cave
The setting sun up river these were small swells, there were a few times when I hit a wave 1/2 my boat would come out of the water.
The constuction of the Dam bypass bridge, it is so pretty but hard to capture while driving whopping speeds fo 3-5 mph!

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The Bames said...

I am so jealous! That looks like so much fun!!